We are a digital agency who helps brands & businesses to grow on the Web.

Our Services

We design and develop effective and user-friendly websites, memorable identities, and enjoyable experiences to optimize your online presence and help your company grow.


Our websites are customized for your needs and optimized for search engines.

We don’t just create websites. For us, every website project needs a whole research phase where we analyse your target audience and your competition. So that we can create one specific website for your project. Our goal is creating a unique website for a unique company.


  • We apply a user centred approach to offer a better experience.
  • Your website will reflect your companies’ values.
  • We combine your expertise with ours.

Brand Identity

Branding is the perfect way for a company to express their personality and values.

Building a brand is not just finding a logo, that’s only a part of it. We will create with you the ecosystem of your brand and the perfect relationship with your future customers. Naming and messaging strategies are also very important because they will define what you want to say and which way you want to say it.


  • A powerful identity will help your customers to recognize your brand.
  • Your logo will translate the vision of your company.
  • With a unique identity you will be able to distinguish yourself from others.

User Experience

For a website to be effective, it needs to be optimized for your audience.

You are not the user. If you want to build a user-friendly website with an intuitive navigation system, what better way than asking your potential users?  That’s why we implement them directly in our working process and ask them for productive feedback.


  • Thanks to the implementation of users, we are able to build a consistent website.
  • Users will enjoy the time they spend on your website.
  • A pleasant experience is an experience that you will remember.

How Much Is It?

Every project is unique. That’s why we can’t give you concrete numbers before talking to you. We would love to meet you so you can tell us exactly what you need.

Our Process

We developed a specific process in order to work efficiently. Discover the different steps of it so that you know what to expect from working with us.

Discovery Session

The first step in our process is getting to know you. We’d love to meet you in person to talk about your project. But if that is not possible, we can also set a video call.

During this first meeting we will ask you questions about your project so that we can analyse what we can do for you and what is the scope of the project.

Budget Estimation

Every project is unique. After analysing it carefully, we will share with you a budget estimation which details every step we take.

We believe that transparency is very important which is why we want to show you what you pay for.

Project Start

After validating the budget together, our collaboration can begin! Thanks to the use of different project management tools you will always be updated on our working progress.

You are the expert in your domain. That’s why we want to integrate you in our process.

Validation Steps

As you are part of the project, several validation steps are necessary in order to verify that everything is still in the scope of the project

Thanks to these validation steps we can together save time and money.

Final Product

After following all these steps with you, it’s time to deliver the final product.

We hope you had a good time working with us!


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About Us

Ardea Communication is a web agency based in Brussels and founded in 2019 by Anna Schönauer and Quentin Compagnon. Our main goal is finding solutions to your online communication problems by designing intuitive interfaces.

We have a user centred approach because we believe that the user is the key to success. We all know the saying « The client is king! » but on the web users are the rulers. This is why we always think about the users first when we are designing.

We believe in working with you rather than for you in order to co-create the perfect end product.

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