L’atelier de Maryam

Independant Hairdresser

« Vos cheveux sont le reflet de votre âme, sublimons les. »

The Brief

Maryam needed a new logo for her hair salon “L’atelier de Maryam”. She welcomes her clients in her own home and styles, cuts and dyes their hair there.

Her logo should reflect the warm and cosy ambiance of her hair salon. Maryam also needed business cards with her new logo.

What We Did

We decided to design a logo assembling the initials of her business name, the “A” for atelier and the “M” for Maryam. With these two letters we designed this monogram to be simple but esthetic and recognizable shape.

We chose a dusky pink which is a warm color reflecting the cozy ambiance of our clients hair salon. The font has rounded corners to go along with the soft color.

L’atelier de Maryam’s Instagram Profile:

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